First test with AsciiMathML


Since I am now going a phase of re-connecting with my past
I have decided to give this old blog some new posts.
I am back now to write code but mostly in Octave, which when integrated with strong typed languages does pose some problems. Notably how to iterate over a data structure which is completely dynamic, pretty much like the arrays in octave. And to do so without reverting to linked list or other container which may hurt performance and may not be as fun.

As part of preparing to post that solution, I wanted to experiment with AsciiMath ML since I will need it fairly soon.

The only thing preventing me from posting the solution is that I want to still figure one small part of the problem and that it is 1:35, and I have an early flight tomorrow.
But enough rambling In order to describe my solution I will need to use equations of the sort:

$idx= j+i|J|+k|J||I|$

You can imagine what this is all about.
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